The Planets - Mars

Mars is the last of the personal planets and since antiquity referred to as the Red Planet, being associated with wars, anger, passion and assertiveness. Mars also governs our sexual relations and feelings, indicating how you relate sexually in a relationship.

Mars can be a planet of thrills and joy, having a masculine exuberant energy. Positive use of this energy makes us feel challenged assertive and alive, but if used in excess, reckless and explosive tendencies arise. Mars transits give extra energy and are great times to get a lot of physical work accomplished; as you will be super-charged, having the extra resources to get the job done. If making a negative aspect in your chart, accidents or quarrels could occur.

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Mars and the Ego

Mars represents the instinctive urge to survive as an individual. It signifies aggression and the desire to start something new. It can also pinpoint where we meet conflict or come face to face with danger, as adrenaline is high.

Mars' force stimulates, energizes, or aggravates. Mars influences those in the Military, Surgeons, and people who work with sharp instruments. The planet takes around two years to orbit the Sun, and goes retrograde every two years for two-and-a-half months. When retrograde, Mars tends to be more aggressive, so violence is generally more evident. A person aggressive and competitive in nature often has an afflicted Mars.

Mars Rules OK!

Mars is the ruler of both Aries, the 1st zodiac sign of the zodiac and is also the joint ruler, or co-regent of Scorpio the 8th zodiac sign of the zodiac.

With Aries having a reputation for taking the initiative, and Scorpio for being rather more sexual - even if these archetypes are simplistic, you can see the influence of Mars in them...

Mars and NRG!

Where the Sign Mars is placed in a birth chart is a good indication of how much energy and initiative we have, how assertive we are, and the manner in which we achieve. Mars energy can manifest itself in various ways as passion, anger, or even fever in the body.

Mars the bad guy?

Mars was known as the lesser malefic planet, Saturn being the greater malefic. At times when Mars becomes active in the progressions, there may be a focus on masculine types or their interests. New enterprises or undertakings may be significant if in good aspect or if badly aspected danger or health problems may be imminent.

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