The Planets - Mercury

The planet Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and being both dry and moist it is sometimes considered an androgynous planet.

Mercury Messenger of the Gods

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, Hermes in Greek mythology. The planet is neither benefic nor malefic, he is the intermediary ‘postman’ who takes and delivers messages.

Mercury influences

Mercury symbolizes your connection to another or your perception and dexterity. So your Mercury Sign will tell you how well and in what manner your mental process functions, how and what you think about and communicate, along with your nervous disposition, in short how a person is wired up.

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Mercury Rules Gemini and Virgo

Your Mercury sign can also give an indication of the kind of work that suits your mentality, providing guidance for areas of employment for both mind and body, particularly your hands. Mercury rules both the Signs of Gemini and Virgo, and its dual nature means there is often an interest in more than one subject at a time. An abundance of Mercurial energy makes individuals quick-witted and restless, so inclined to be rather nervous and irritable at times. Change and plenty of movement, along with versatility belong to Mercury. So matters to do with writing, publishing, teaching, travelling and public speaking are highlighted.

Mercury Cycles

Mercury completes its circuit of the Sun in just 88 days, so it moves quite rapidly through the Houses of the horoscopes, sometimes changing Signs twice a month. Mercury passing through a house in your horoscope indicates a time when there could be more than the customary amount of correspondence, meetings or phone calls in connection with the affairs of that House.

However, Mercury often travels so swiftly that its effects may not be very noticeable, unless retrograde when mistakes, muddles and misunderstandings aplenty occur. Generally this transpires three times a year, where communications of all sorts including transport and electronics causes problems, breakdowns, or get misconstrued. Mercury making good aspects in a chart promises a youthful appearance, but if afflicted can cause learning difficulties.

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