The Planets - The Moon

In contrast to the Sun, the Moon is feminine, cold and moist, in short everything the Sun is not. Her cycle is the swiftest moving through a Zodiacal Sign in two and a half days.

The Moon's passage

The Moon's rotation takes approximately twenty-nine days and all liquids on earth are influenced by the Moon’s motion, including the human body’s fluids. The phases of the Moon govern the ebb and flow of not only the tides, but the currents of emotion affecting everyone.

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The Moon is considered neither benefic nor malefic (positive or unhelpful) because she reflects the feelings from moment to moment. She also represents the mothering principle and women in general, and is associated with the early years, determining how a person unconsciously feels and reacts.

Astrology pecking order

The Moon is the second most important influential body in Astrology after the Sun. The Moon’s strongest influence points to a person’s unique psychological make-up and personal approach to the world. She is strongly associated with the female archetypal ‘feminine’ type and nurturing instincts.

The parental and domestic background regardless of Gender will govern the person’s response to emotions through fluctuations and instinct. The Sign the Moon is placed in at birth encourages an individual to act intuitively and instinctively in almost every situation connected with this Sign. The Moon’s inhibiting traits may also hold us back or disturb us if not consciously overcome.

The Moon - Ruler of Cancer

The Moon rules the Sign of Cancer and governs the domestic urges, and just as the Sun rules individuality, the Moon rules our inner personality. The Moon represents the feelings, memory, and the protective impulses. When prominent and in positive aspect the Moon gives sensitivity, sympathy and adaptability.

If the Moon is afflicted (has negative angles in the birth chart to it) individuals can be moody and changeable in character, depending on other Planet aspects. Careers chosen by this Sign if not involving care and nurturing may involve the home in some way, whether it be working from home or dealing with this type of environment such as Estate agents and Hoteliers. Also there is a propensity to hoard things, so individuals can often be found running their own antique or book shop.

The Moon in Transits

The influence of the transiting Moon through the chart is very brief because it moves so rapidly. However if one has a prominent Moon in the natal chart, its aspects are more noticeable, especially as it transits the angles.

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