The Planets - Neptune

Neptune, the 8th planet from the Sun and easily the most illusive, as even its discovery was shrouded in confusion. For it was Galileo, who first spotted Neptune, but failing to identify it correctly as a planet and not a fixed star, meant Urbain Le Verrier was to take all the credit.

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At the time the planet was simply referred to as ‘the planet exterior to Uranus’, until Le Verrier decided upon a name for this nebulous body. Although, a little of the deception so frequently associated with Neptune must have already rubbed off on Le Verrier, as on deciding upon the name ‘Neptune’ he falsely stated that it had already been officially approved by ‘The French Bureau des Longitudes’. However Neptune remained, in reference to the Roman God of the Sea, apt due to Neptune ruling the Watery Sign of Pisces.

While those with a strong Neptunium influence in their natal chart can exhibit many of the characteristics generally associated with Pisces. For like the little fishes swimming either way, Neptune has limitless boundaries. Therefore, individuals under Neptune’s influence can express great empathy, making great Missionaries and Spiritual Healers, but may struggle defining a cut off point, as the lines are always blurred with Neptune. Therefore their relationship with reality can be tenuous, as Neptune is largely concerned with the dissolving of the Ego. However in everyday reality it is difficult to operate on this level. So a tendency to escape reality exists whether through a dreamlike state or through the imagination; making great Actors, Poets or Musicians, as the planet has much to do with creativity, or excelling individuals to be great visionaries.

However taken to its lowest ebb, Neptune can descend individuals into alcoholism, drug use, and religious fanaticism, ruling the madmen of the asylum or deceitful tricksters. Or alternatively leave individuals open to deceit, as judgement can be clouded. Looking at Neptune’s placement in a natal chart can help detect where an individual is susceptible to deception, whether it be from others or just self-delusion. Furthermore aspects to natal Neptune usually aid the discovery of such dishonesty. Even though the process may be laborious, with Neptune spending fourteen years in a Sign, making transits lengthy and effects subtle. However at its best, being a higher octave of Venus, Neptune can truly bring universal love.

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