The Planets - Pluto

Pluto is a new planet, which Astrologers have been studying since 1930. The word, which derives from the Greek ‘chthonios’, is defined in Greek mythology as ruling the underworld and death. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and was originally named after a cartoon character. It may be a tiny planet, but is considered powerful, working behind the scenes and invariably comes out on top. A debate over whether it is the last planet in the solar system or the largest structure in the Kuiper Belt continues. The International Astronomical Union in 2006 terms it a ‘dwarf planet’, making Neptune the last planet in the solar system. However it is symbolic of eruptions, transformations, birth, death and rebirth. 

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Pluto’s long duration of its transit through one Sign has made Pluto an indicator of the evolutionary development of man, for better or worse. In its rotational cycle of 248.4 years, it spends at least a decade in each sign up to approximately twenty years. It is linked with esoteric movements seeking redemption, and the elimination of outlived traditions and the positive transformation of lifestyles. Its eruptive, undermining and disturbing side is linked to plutonium, nuclear power, political religious fanaticism, and deadly viruses. After mass destruction, in its positive manifestation Pluto generally heals and regenerates.

Pluto’s ruler Scorpio is interested in transforming darkness into light. When something is created, something is destroyed, akin to the cycle of life and death.  Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, so it is fitting that Pluto rules Scorpio. The higher energy is advancing a person’s consciousness, and eliminating the abuse of power on a global scale.

Pluto people are charismatic and magnetic in nature, and like a snake will uncover secret motives of others. However, they can be attracted to hidden and secretive liaisons or adventures, which sometimes bring their own downfall. This attraction can also be noted in their choice of career, making great detectives, Surgeons and Coroners. Where Pluto is placed in a birth chart will bring challenges and deep issues to overcome, and any health issues can be long and progressive in nature. Any aspect involving Pluto will be explosive and climatic, forcing outgrown habits to be eliminated, along with bad situations or people, particularly in relation to obsessive, jealousy and power issues.

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