The Planets - Saturn

Saturn was the farthest planet that could be seen with the naked eye in ancient times, considered the Lord of Time. It is our task master, and the opposite of Jupiter in representing the principle of constriction. Saturn forces you to be diligent, planning ahead slowly and carefully to build solid roots for the future. This planet is considered cold and cautious in nature, as Saturn’s ruler is Capricorn which is measured and sombre. The Saturnine temperament will work effortlessly to build for long term goals, sometimes fretful but always determined. Saturn is the planet of hierarchy, being well organized and aware of consequences, so careers in Government and institutions are prominent, along with building and farming to name but a few.

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Saturn’s weakness is over cautiousness, paying too much attention to details and therefore not moving ahead quickly enough. In a person’s body Arthritic conditions can be caused by internalizing problems. Saturn suffers from a bad image, but he is fair and balances injustices. Its chart placement identifies hard work and difficulties, but if the groundwork has been applied future rewards will be far-reaching and beneficial. When a person’s birth chart is activated by transit, a hard toil and changes are apparent, sometimes forcing a person to take a different route due to past mistakes. At these times life will seem unfair and arduous, but usually a future date will prove it was all worthwhile.

Saturn spends approximately two and a half years in each sign, during these cycles definite developments occur. Every seven years Saturn squares or opposes your natal planets, to see if you are heading in the right direction. Once you are over thirty you have completed the first Saturn Return, where after a period of trial and tribulation you will have your feet firmly on the ground, knowing where you should be heading in life. On your second Saturn’s return at around age fifty eight he will visit you once again, so as to reap the rewards or force further restrictions, if you have moved away from your true life’s path.  If Saturn is retrograde at birth, the year it moves forward will be an important year in your life. If retrograde by transit, delays will occur so you can go over old ground and make necessary adjustments.

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