The Planets - The Sun

The Sun is connected to the seasons of the year and moves through the twelve Zodiacal Signs, beginning the Astrological year at 0 degrees Aries on the Spring Equinox.

Sun God

In Greek mythology the Sun God, Apollo drove his fiery chariot through the heavens to provide warmth and humanity. The Sun is termed hot and dry by ancient Astrologers, and is considered a benefic planet. Its energy is associated with men in general and the father principle.

Astrology Birth Chart

The Sun in a natal chart or birth astrology analysis shows how we express our personal ego and the way your personality shines through your Zodiac Sign. The Sun’s passage through the Zodiac takes 365 days approximately and forms our present-day calendar.

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The Sun seeks spiritual growth in the area shown by the Sun’s Sign and House placement in the chart. This is where the individual feels alive, motivated, and will work toward achieving expertise. The career will often be found to coincide with the professions ruled by the Sun Sign, and strength and potential for success are shown by this placement.

The Sun gives an individual vitality and drive, so with good natal aspects health and accomplishments will flow easily. With the hard aspects periodical struggles with health and work will ensue. The Sun type person makes a formidable leader and their impact is felt generally in the world.

The simplest way to consider how the Sun affects your daily life is to look at which House the transiting Sun falls in when studying your natal chart, particularly focussing on the areas of that House.

When the Sun crosses the Ascendant and moves into your First House, you may feel energised and ready to plan new projects. Alternatively, if the Sun is travelling through your Fifth or Ninth house you could start planning a social outing or holiday and so on. 

Furthermore, when the Sun is making favourable aspects to your personal planets that month will flow easily, if inharmonious, life will be particularly intense. Therefore, if a person has a combination of planets in one House, that month will feel extra busy and eventful, overall.

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