The Planets - Uranus

The outer or higher Octave planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, tells us about generations of people and spiritual evolution because of the longer periods of time each planet spends in a sign. Although most people are only interested in their own personal lives, they will equate to universal changes at later dates. The influence of Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and its influence is very strong among Astrologers in general. As a person develops psychologically and spiritually, the vibrations change in connection with right-brain thinking. Uranus gives flashes of intuition, and insights without verbal communication.

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Uranus is intuition whereas Mercury is intellect, so Uranus is electrifying and uncontrollable in nature, ruling natural disasters such as earthquakes. When Uranus is strong in a chart, people are highly individualistic, original and even eccentric. They enjoy shaking up stereotypes and leading their own course through life. The nervous system is ruled by Uranus, so extra care must be taken of your health, as they can literally blow a fuse if there is too much stress or stimulation. Uranus types can be selfish and detached, and enjoy shaking up the status quo. They want to break us out of a rut or useless routine, and live in the present, embracing necessary change.

Uranus’s ruler is Aquarius, so careers in Aviation, Technology, Television or radio may be possible career paths. The planets that Uranus aspects in a chart will give you the best way to interpret the Uranium influence in a person’s life. When other planets are close, that planet will act in a unique and surprising manner. So for example Uranus close to Venus may give unforeseen love affairs, perhaps explosive and volatile in nature. Where natal Uranus resides or transits, unexpected changes occur, completely out of the blue. Although Uranus stays in a Sign for seven years, so perhaps only when looking back may this period of sudden shocks and changes appear obvious?


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