The Planets - Venus

Venus, the next of the personal planet's in Astrology after the Sun and the Moon was viewed in ancient cultures as a fortuitous planet and therefore worshipped, along with aiding guidance for agricultural planning in the Mayan culture.

Venus relates

Venus also influences the way we relate to and feel about others, on both an economic and social level. Personal attitudes and behaviour towards love, sex, possessions and money are all connected to Venus. The planet is strongly associated with partnerships both personally and professionally, ruling social urges and who individuals are instinctively attracted to. Venus illuminates where and how one seeks happiness and gives an affectionate and sympathetic nature if prominent in a chart.

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Venus and fortune

Venus is called the lesser benefice (not quite so fortunate!) with Jupiter the greater, and brings many of the good things in life. Venus can bestow life’s comforts, along with aiding the attainment of gifts easily. If afflicted, these luxuries may be denied, or alternatively weight may be gained with ease, due to a propensity to overindulgence in life’s finer pleasures.

Venus and less fortune

If in bad aspect in a chart a person can be lazy, flirtatious, and irresponsible. Venus rules careers which bring pleasure to the eye, Floristry, Beauty, Fashion and Interior Design, as well as Hospitality and the Catering industry. Due to Venus ruling the Signs of charming Libra and practical Taurus, and it thus signifies a person with good taste and appearance, seeking harmony and balance.

Venus cycles

Venus takes 255 days to orbit the Sun and spends approximately one month in each sign. Venus retrogrades every eighteen months and may bring relationship issues into perspective, where breaks or difficulties may occur concerning partnerships.

In a Personal Astrology birth chart Venus will indicate pleasure and activities a person enjoys. Venus also shows what we value in life, our sense of values and generally how much we value and love ourselves. The planet can demonstrate our capacity for love, and how we received love and felt as a child. For instance, in order to make close and loving relationships that last and are satisfying, defensive tendencies need to be controlled and changed. We all have Venus within our charts, so are ultimately responsible for our own happiness.

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