Your Zodiac Sign :: Aquarius

AquariusPeople new to astrology often get confused by the imagery of Aquarius because although known as the water carrier, the elemental rulership of the sign is Air and thus intellectually driven.

So where does the original link with the water carrier emanate from? Well, essentially it is not so much as carrying or pouring water, as about the flow of ideas. Hence the glyph (graphic of this sign) which shows usually two, but traditionally sometimes three, zigzag lines, of the movement of water.

In this sense, the water carrier can be linked to propagating high ideals, forwarding the concerns of humankind not just of the individual, though paradoxically Aquarians can be the most individualistic of all signs. The sign of Aquarius does in some ways therefore tie in with the concept of baptism, of true spiritual leadership and dissemination of truth.

The planets which co-rule Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, and although its elemental rulership is Air, its quality, or mode of activity, is Fixed, thus enabling Aquarians to work patiently towards long term goals. Saturn is stable and also patient, but by contrast Uranus gives Aquarians a certain unpredictability, sometimes a chaotic influence. So here there is a basic conflict which usually shows itself by Aquarians adhering strongly to some patterns of personal behavior, yet being foresighted, even quite brilliant in recognising the needs of others, future trends or scientific discoveries.

Sun Aquarians have included Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens and USA presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan. The British Prime Minister Harold McMillan was an Aquarian and Tony Blair has an Aquarian Moon and William Hague an Aquarian Ascendent.

Robbie Williams is an Aquarian, as is star gazer Russell Grant. England football managers, Sven Goran Ericsson, Kevin Keegan, Bobby Robson and Sir Alf Ramsey were all born under the sign.

Sun sign astrology, by its very nature, can make the mistake of humping people into set characteristics. No sign reveals the folly of this more than with Aquarius, for water carriers revel in individuality more than any other sign, but there are some common themes which reflect either the more luddite or more pioneering side of the two ruling signs.

So, in basic terms, Aquarians are usually fond of honesty (however subjective that may be), can make very loyal friends, dislike pettiness, love a good old debate, and need to feel mentally stimulated. However, there can be a tendency to try to get others to change to their will, yet as in any socially reforming situation, this could obviously be much to the good.

The stability of Saturn can also make way to sudden and powerful changes of mood and morale, or a principle can often be at the root of this. Never accuse an Aquarian of an untruth unless you are sure of your facts. But this more unexpected, sometimes explosive tendency of Aquarians is also what can give them a touch of genius and as leaders, bond people together for a common cause.

An Aquarian can seem reasonable, gentle and equable, but should never be underestimated for more than any sign those born under this sign have the courage to be true to themselves rather than follow what others demand.

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