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AriesAries represents the first zodiac sign. It is therefore closely allied to taking the initiative, new starts, courageous acts and daring thrusts.

The glyph (graphic of this sign) is of the Ram and Aries symbolises the spring, new beginnings and of course is a Fire element sign and its mode of activity is represented by one of the three leadership Cardinal qualities.

The planetary ruler of this sign is Mars and therefore Aries people are often bold, energetic and make natural leaders. Yet it is often an underrated fact that this is the sign of intuition and very often Aries people make decisions on a hunch, at times when a rapid choice can see them capitalise on an opportunity that others would prefer to take a slower more considered view of. However, the down side of this can see Aries people become too impulsive, and not take enough time to weigh situations up, when it would patently be better to do so.

However, sustainability is usually more difficult for Aries to embrace for generally they have short attention spans, preferring to move onto the next exciting project rather than get bogged down in the minutiae of fine details. Some later born Aries may buck this tendency however.

With out doubt every situation in life requires a seminal moment or a person who can inject the kind of initiating energy to get schemes off the ground, it just may be that the typical Aries would rather get someone else to come along and run the show in the longer term.

However, it is unfair to brand all Aries people as being egoist's - though some can be - for many Aries people especially early born ones, can be remarkably gentle. This can be to do with the way Venus and Mercury follow in close tandem to the Sun but not always in the same sign. In other words in Pisces.

Famous Aries people include astrological icon Linda Goodman, performers Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando, musicians Elton John and Eric Clapton.

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