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CancerCancer is one of the most fascinating of signs.

With a glyph (graphical image) of the Crab, the sideways or backward motions of this creature may well illustrate Cancerians preference for avoiding direct conflict, but have you ever tapped a crab shell? Yes of course, it is very hard and this is a sign not to be underestimated.

For a Sun sign, Cancer is unique in that it is ruled by the Moon, is a Water element sign and thus sensitive, every changing, shimmering and sometimes very subjective. The archetype of course is that Cancerians are supposed to spend most of their time chained to the kitchen sink. Try telling Nick Faldo!

Cancer represents the universal mother, the energy which provides the essence of life force, or sustainability. Though often enigmatic, those born under this sign are rarely dull. Traditional astrology sees Cancer as being a negative sign, not that it is negative to be a Cancerian, but simply that it is reflective, introverted, and assessing all around with a well practised eye. But of course the way Cancerian's absorb information is more sensory than many signs.

In any given situation a Cancer person will decide if they feel comfortable or not. If they do not, little logical persuasion will alter their thinking. "I feel" would be a good way to describe how Cancerian's go through life, but this way of sensing what goes on around them should not be mistaken for being weak. Cancer people like any other sign can be vulnerable, and one of the life tasks of Cancer people is to confront their fears in a logical way and through this better balance both their intuitive and intellectual faculties. But they can be formidable too, remember it has a Cardinal Quality giving great powers of leadership.

People born under this sign are often marvellous managers of resources, and can make brilliant Chief Executive Officers. Their wisdom in such situations comes from being both pragmatic and able to blend together a group of people who will work with loyalty and application.

Cancer people can also make excellent carers, therapists and counsellors, for their natural sensitivity and ability to tune into people can see them anticipate how people feel before they even express it. This is however where Cancers can run into trouble, because sometimes they can be so wrong in their judgement of situations and can be incredibly subjective. Challenge a Cancer and they find it hard and can be irritable and defensive and can show great anger when roused. This is where natural sensitivity is replaced by a great deal of force.

However generally, Cancer's are conciliatory in their approach to life, recognising that consensus provides greater long term momentum than any other energy.

Famous Cancer's include: President George W. Bush, Diana Spencer, Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor, musician/DJ Norman Cook, actor and financial pundit Adam Faith, boxer Mike Tyson and Sunday Times astrologer Shelley Von Strunckle!

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