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CapricornCapricorn is linked to the glyph (graphical imagery) of the goat, but one which has a fish for a tail. Capricornus is the Greek for goat horn.

The mythology behind this sign is very complex and there is not one clear basis for the sign's foundation qualities. One myth showed the son of Zeus, Aegipan, assisting Hermes with the recovery of Zeus from the grasp of Typhon. Aegipan then transformed himself into a goat fish in order to escape.

Another is that the newborn Zeus was given milk, suckled by a goat owned by Amalthea and the goat was then turned into the star Capella. In gratitude Zeus broke the horn of the goat off and gave it to Amalthea telling her that she would be able to fill it with all she wanted, thus the horn of plenty, or Cornucopia was formed.

Capricorn is the last of the three Earth ruled elements. But it is also one of the four zodiac signs that have Cardinal Qualities, and is thus a leadership sign.

Ruled by practical Saturn, Capricorns are the most stoic of zodiac signs and as the symbolism goes, their ascent or climb up the mountain of material and worldly success, is taken in a slow, but very determined and methodical manner.

Capricorn people do sometimes find it hard to express the depth of their feelings which can be great, indeed once opened up they can be very emotional. Because of this, or least their need to protect any vulnerability they can feel, they can seem aloof, cool, detached and almost icy at times. But look beneath the tip of this iceberg and there can be a very warm heart.

Capricorns generally take responsibility very seriously, and can therefore be very dutiful in providing in the best way they can to those they care for. And Capricorns will rarely forget a good turn that someone has done them, yet conversely they may not either find it easy to forget a slight either.

One of the less well known characteristics of Capricorns is that although they are often serious children, perhaps lacking in obvious emotional self-confidence, as they get older the ability to express the more playful and fun side of their natures can become much greater. In fact, Capricorns have one of the most melodious of laughs and can be really great fun once they feel they can let their guard down. Over time some Capricorns may seem to get more and more child like which is a very charming and little acknowledged side of their nature.

It is, however, true that Capricorn is the sign of business, of commerce and of wealth, but of course all of life’s systems require some basis of these qualities in order to function, so an essential foundation is provided by the sign.

The ruler Saturn provides structure, but unfortunately can also be very restrictive, dour and limiting. Some would argue that Capricorn is the sign of big business, or conglomerates and vested interest which keeps money making at the centre of its objectives rather than the more balanced social approach of most of the major European economies.

Capricorns can often end up as the captains of industry, for their ability to marshal resources effectively has few peers. Very often compulsively driven towards their targets little will knock a Goat off course once he or she has made a decision to climb their own particular peak. Although it would be entirely wrong to say that all Capricorns are obsessed with material success, the need to protect the timidity they often secretly feel, means that a good financial basis to their lives is often essential to their sense of personal security.

Famous Capricorns include: Rev Martin Luther King, civil rights activist, Johannes Kepler, Astrologer and Astronomer, physicist and philosopher Sir Isaac Newton, former US President, Richard Nixon, singer Nat King Cole and football figures; Bryan Robson, Sir Alex Ferguson and Terry Venables.

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