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GeminiGemini symbolises unity and strength of action and is said to be "the Messenger of the Gods" and communication is the key issue with all Gemini's and their activities.

The glyph (the graphic of this sign) is of the twins holding hands, these were known as Simeon and Levi and the mystical connection being of soul mates.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Think of the liquid qualities of this metal and you quickly get an idea of how mass moves astonishingly quickly, but together. Quicksilver is another rather splendid metaphor for this sign.

Incidentally, and perhaps not obviously in this context; the saying "Mad as a hatter" comes from the use of mercury by hat makers in the shaping process. Yet there is sometimes a rather manic and bizarre aspect to Gemini's - though not all of the time - which ties in splendidly with the imagery of the Mad March Hare!

Gemini is also an Air element sign, though its quality is mutable, perhaps this mixture of airy intellectual grasp of life, plus an inherent appetite for new stimulating experiences gives the Twins the unfair reputation for duality. Whilst this may seem to be true, and no doubt is sometimes, what is more likely to be the case is that Gemini's are simply able to see things from many different angles and can be extremely flexible in their outlook. Some rather more fixed signs could find this irritating, but the reality is that Gemini people often think so quickly on their feet it can be hard to keep up with them. When you do, a charming and disarming excuse can be hard to argue with!

What Gemini's do need to learn is to be aware of the way in which their inherent changability can ruffle feathers if they fail to communicate with others or with their partner's feelings firmly in mind. Problems can occur because of the denial of emotional basis which sometimes Gemini people can suffer from. This not only can make them seem out of touch with others but also themselves. Generally, Gemini's take little pleasure in probing into the depths of their souls, for in their view, everything must have a logical reason or purpose.

This does give Gemini's tremendous skills in terms of sales, PR, marketing, teaching, training, telecommunications, acting, writing or working in the media new or old. But above all else, they must feel mentally alive and alert in what they do.

Famous Gemini's include: President John F. Kennedy, Hollywood legends Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe, singer Bob Dylan, media pundit and ex professional footballer Alan Hansen and Rolling Stones Charlie Watts and Ronnie Woods.

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