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LeoThe sign of Leo relates to the Sun itself. The life centre of all the universe, Leo represents the heart of the Grand Man and is the second of the Fire signs.

The glyph (graphical imagery) of the lion for Leo is not based on any firm mythological background, although Leo is Greek for lion and of course lionhearted and the king of the beasts are obvious connotations.

This link to the heart is shown by the generosity of Leo people for they can be truly caring and kind to those they love. In a more detached way this can be represented by paternalism, for in essence although the Leo person wants to help out, they often want to be recognised for it too and thus maintain some kind of status within their giving.

This need for recognition and executive position makes the Leo the natural leader of the zodiac. Yet there is a basic contradiction in so far as Leo has a Fixed quality, therefore capable of working patiently towards long term goals, but generally not so hot on getting schemes off the ground, not least as an individual. If a Leo can manage other people, such "start-up" situations become much less daunting. Leo's have a justifiable reputation for having a rather noble, even royal disposition, high foreheads and a long mane of blond hair are common for example. Their regal reputation is often deserved in so far as how nurturing they can be to those they care for.

Truly the warm radiating love of a Leo, is to behold. Yet on the other hand Leo's can be egotistical, promoting a grand presence that cultivates people all around (their court subjects) who provide the necessary stroking and preening that can drive other, either shrewder or more introverted signs, absolutely nuts. But all signs have negative attributes and a Leo can often provide much needed warmth, love and affection to situations as well as their true authority.

Their vanity can often hide the basic insecurity that they live with more than any other sign, the fear that someone won't like them or more accurately, won't admire or look up to them, although generally, self-doubt is not something Leo's readily subscribe to.

Famous Leo's are: Musician Mick Jagger, Football Managers Lawrie McNemmeny and Ossie Ardiles, HRH Princess Anne, and French Emperor Napolean Bonaparte.

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