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LibraLibra has the well known association with justice, or at least with balance based on its glyph (graphical imagery) of a set of scales.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and aesthetics, and Libra people often do display a kind of graceful elegance and poise or are attracted to possessions or people who have it.

The mythology behind the sign suggests that the Goddess Astrae, the daughter of Themis and Zeus, was set on spreading virtuous deeds amongst person kind. Yet the link with the scales could be older still, with Egyptian mythology indicating that scales were used to weigh hearts to see how heavy, thus how good they were.

But the Quality of Venus is Cardinal, and so despite the apparent deference of Libran's, they are in fact leaders, people capable of initiating action. This blended with the Air element of Libra can make them progressive, ideological and forward thinking people, concerned with social welfare and the reformation of systems.

Essentially, Libra people like to relate to others, yet although the sign may appear to be feminine, it is in fact a positive, masculine sign. There is an inherent contradiction as well. Very often Libra men display more gentle virtues, while Libran women can be more overtly assertive.

It is said that Libran's can be fickle, shallow and indecisive. These unfair generalised archetypes, even if they might sometimes be true, disguise the passion of Libran's who can display a fierce determination if they feel they have been done down or cheated. They can also stand up for those unable to do so for themselves. The dexterity of their mental processes, the ability to "weigh" each side of an argument may at times make them seem like fence sitters, but once a Libran is really motivated, little will budge he or she from their assumed position.

The charm that Libran's use really can coax the birds out of the trees, but even if they are often hugely diplomatic, their desire to get their own way can often simmer just beneath the surface. If roused a Libran can also show great force of character, perhaps displaying some of the attributes of their opposite zodiac sign of Aries.

Creating a home which is tranquil, perhaps understated with minimalist touches, or espousing old world charm, elegance and class may not be far away. Of course, the negative side of this can see Libran's get caught up in "grand" projects, ones that lack substance, and are all gloss, and designed to make the maximum impression - but then heh, no one is perfect!

Famous Libra's include musician Sting, Labour spin miester Peter Mandleson, former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, TV Journalist Anna Ford, footballer Paul Ince and Indian Icon Ghandi.

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