Your Zodiac Sign :: Pisces

PiscesPisces people, symbolically, are said to represent the total lessons of all the zodiac signs, being the last of the twelve. Governed by the Water element, this zodiac sign is closely allied to its traditional ruler Neptune, that of illumination and dreams - although Jupiter the planet of principles and faith is also associated to Pisces.

The glyph (graphic of this sign) is of two fishes swimming in opposing directions, their mouths joined by a line suggesting that with Pisces people their lives and emotions are often ebbing and flowing and essentially are changeable. This is reinforced by the Mutable, almost malleable, quality of Pisceans.

Yet from a spiritual viewpoint, this is the sign which is concerned with Christianity and of universal peace and tranquillity, yet as we all know many a war has been fought in the name of religions.

Essentially, Pisces people feel things and don't absorb information in the way other more logical or intuitive signs do. They can seem like dreamers and sometimes can be very unworldly, overly idealistic and drift along in life.

The water element can make Pisces emotional, sensitive, kind and understanding. Often they are found to work in important but behind the scenes support roles, healing or assisting others.

Yet Pisces people have the Mutable quality which can find them struggling to sustain their commitment to situations, living in the past, or skirting around problems which are best confronted. But Pisces can also be wonderfully creative and artistic and many Pisces people do hold executive positions, perhaps using the flexibility of their approach to deal with office or corporate politics with great dexterity.

Famous Pisces people include actress Elizabeth Taylor, inventors Albert Einstein and Alexander Bell and USA president George Washington. British astrologer and writer Nicholas Campion as well as Singer Terence Trent D'Arby and football figures Kenny Dalglish and Ron Atkinson are all Pisces.

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