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VirgoSagittarius takes its name from the Latin word for arrow.

Even people with limited knowledge of astrology, would know this sign is associated with that of the Archer with the glyph (graphical imagery) showing the Centaur pulling back its bow ready to fire.

The mythology of this sign is complex. Sagittarius is said to represent half beast half man. It has been argued that the lower, or base instincts, of Sagittarian's is linked to the animal and the sign's potential to be inspirational and refined to the man. A flawed argument? Probably!

This sign is the third of the Fire signs, but its Quality is Mutable or flexible. Sagittarian's can be restless souls, if not physically, perhaps they are always searching for some kind of dramatic excitement - though this can make them bold and fearless.

A big part of the Sagittarian need is that of freedom. Of course at their best this can see them working for the rights of others, but at the worst this can see them be fickle and unprepared to work within the same parameters as anybody else.

But Sagittarians can be very amiable, cheerful and optimistic. A determined Archer is a sight to behold, for very little will inhibit them once they have put their mind to a major goal. Indeed the greater the challenge the more they enjoy it. But curiously, a Sagittarians passion for something can go from red hot to ice cold very quickly, perhaps demonstrating the more mutable qualities of the sign.

Often Sagittarian's are pioneers. Opening up wider horizons gives them a real buzz, so they are the zodiac's natural backpackers. This also applies well to philosophical issues, natural history, further and higher education and religion all have close links with the sign. At a more mundane level the saying "onwards and upwards" would perfectly reflect the Sagittarian's mentality. It is also ruled by the planet Jupiter, in itself the planet of expansion and good fortune. However, this can perhaps make some Sagittarian's too consumed with expanding their resources. This in its most negative sense can see social climbing and a mad push for increased status. However, generally, Sagittarians are hearty, friendly souls, open minded and progressive.

Famous Sagittarians include: Statesman Winston Churchill, entertainer Frank Sinatra, astrologer Jonathan Canier, singer/ songwriter Joan Armatrading, actor/director Woody Allen and comedian Billy Connelly.

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