Your Zodiac Sign :: Scorpio

VirgoScorpio takes its name from the Latin word for Scorpions.

This sign has a well known association with desire, intensity, passionate actions and transformation. Scorpio is ruled by two planets; Pluto and more traditionally, Mars.

Its glyph (graphical imagery) varies because the snake and eagle are also associated with this sign. Because of this there is not one myth which wholly dominates Scorpio. The Goddess Artemis was said to have called upon a giant Scorpion to protect her from attack, possibly a sexual one from Orion. However, an alternative version says that jealousy may also have been a motive.

The snake can symbolise the transformational qualities of Pluto. As it sheds its skins, so it evolves into a new being. The eagle on the other hand is linked to someone able to rise above the more basic instincts of this sign, evolving into a higher person and flying into the glorious blue sky! However, because this sign is much based on ends and finishes, life and death, the eagle could be like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a previous incarnation.

The contradictions that effect most signs occur with Scorpio too. This is a Fixed sign therefore capable of sustained and lengthy application to a task in hand. Yet it is also ruled by the Water element, and so Scorpio people can stick at things through thick or thin, and then wham, a big change will occur and a completely new more fluid cycle can be initiated. But essentially Scorpio people don't find change easy to accept, and this sees them cling to situations they'd have been better to let go of way before.

Of course this sign has a rather Machiavellian image, of subterfuge, cunning amoral tactics, and rampant sexual desire. Scorpio is said to rule the sexual organs because of the reproductive potential of the sign, and people born under Scorpio can indeed be manipulative, scheming and self-indulgent.

But it is easy to be extreme (although Scorpio's sometimes are) and forget the many virtues of the sign. They have an uncanny knack of penetrating to the core of issues, and because of this can make tremendous analysts be it through emotional work or in the financial sector. And this is also the sign of forward planning and property development, many a banker or broker is ruled by Scorpio, as would be morticians, pathologists, funeral directors and financial controllers.

Of course there are negative characteristics which are very true and Scorpio's can remember a minor slight, hold grudges, be compulsively jealous and seek vengeance. In so doing they can very often "destroy" themselves. Often they are a law unto themselves and can be quarrelsome and argumentative.

But the counter arguments for the positive side of Scorpio people is true too, and many Scorpio's are serene, kindly and gentle people and possess great practical sympathy. And their ability to embrace evolution, their drive and purpose and fixed will, can make them very valuable members of the zodiac.

Famous Scorpio's include: Painter Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles, musician's Bill Wyman and Art Garfunkle and footballer Paul Scholes.

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