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VirgoAs the zodiac unfolds, and after the trail blazing and initiating energy of Aries, comes stable, patient Taurus helping to make sense and add structure and form.

The glyph (graphic of this sign) is of the Bull. Yet paradoxically the ruling planet of this sign is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Whilst Taurans can be willful and stubborn, they are also capable of being very gentle too.

The symbolism of Taurus is of procreation, of all natural reproductive forces. In mythology, it was said that Aphrodite was represented as wearing two horns on her head to imitate a bull. But within this there is also a weird tie-up here between Mars and Venus, the two yet very different planets of love and sexuality.

In terms of material resources and the unfolding of the zodiac, the Fixed quality of Taurus along with its elemental rulership of Earth, often makes Taurans highly concerned with values, though not necessarily materialism - though this can be a failing.

Some Taurans find great happiness living a very simple life. This could be in working part-time, making the most of an allotment or small holding and improving their homes through the patient marshaling of resources.

Yet other Taurans can take great pleasure in a totally calorific lifestyle of much wine and good food and plenty of excursions to the shopping mall to indulge in some serious retail therapy. Not only can this stretch the patience of their personal banker but also the elastic in their waistlines!

But the bigger picture shows Taurans to be constant, able to work towards long term goals but who can get stuck in ruts of beliefs or attitudes which makes them closed to evolving as easily as some signs.

Taurans are without doubt very sensual however, and make ardent lovers and stable long term partners. However, obstinate sometimes jealous attitudes, can be very damaging to relationships and Taurans can have a tendency to try to take the object of their affection away from other distractions, which over time can starve the relationship of air and new influences.

Famous Taurans include: Queen Elizabeth II, reformer Oliver Cromwell, playright Will Shakespear, Adolph Hitler, daddy of analysists Sigmund Freud, singer/actress Cher and footballer David Beckham.

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