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VirgoThe mythology behind this sign is complex and does not clearly relate to its values, or if it does, in two differing ways. Traditionally the constellation of Virgo is said to represent a young women holding a sheaf or ear of corn, linking the sign to Demeter, the Greek Goddess of the harvest.

Yet because Virgo is the sign often related to good health or hygiene practices, the Goddess Hygeia is also a good fit. Though it is true to say that many Virgo’s do end up working in food production, or at least in service based roles which bear out the original myth.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but some astrologers link the comet Chiron, “the wounded healer” to the sign. Mercury is of course the ruler of Gemini but where that sign has an Air element, Virgo is ruled by Earth. The Quality of Virgo is Mutable, thus we have a blend of dry minded analytical skills that go right to the core, to the earth of situations yet is also flexible and fluid.

The classic archetype of this sign is a person who is obsessive about everything being very tidy. This is far from being exactly the case. Like any sign, Virgo’s have many contradictions and it’s not so much that everything has to be perfect or ordered, as much as life having a generally uncomplicated feel. Many a Virgo will revel in chaotic order, a mixed metaphor if there ever was one.

Virgo’s biggest weakness can be any over preoccupation with the minutiae of life. This can give them an almost forensic eye for detail but only on the things that they want to see! In fact, a big difficulty comes from finding it hard to see the bigger picture of life. Together with a generally pessimistic, or at least cautious outlook, this can make Virgo’s talk down situations that other signs would see as basically sound.

It is a fact that many Virgo people end up in some kind of service role and they can make excellent herbalists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, nurses and doctors because of their gift for helping others in practical, but healing ways and of penetrating to the core of people's problems.

Many an organic grower would also be born under this sign, because Virgo’s often have an almost 6th sense about what is sound to eat and dietary matters. But in any occupation where Virgo’s can demonstrate their attention to detail and provide a worthy support to others, they can flourish.

Virgo’s can get fretful if life does not run exactly as they want and this can see them become resentful, irritable and defensive. What shows up on the surface with Virgo’s probably has its root cause deeper down and they need to strive to work their own complications out, rather than project them onto those around.

Yet if a Virgo is content and motivated, they can turn their meticulous tendencies to the good and can be genuinely pleased to help people out and quite unconditionally.

Famous Virgo’s include: Actor Stephen Fry, comedian Lenny Henry, musician John Martyn, author DH Lawrence and football Manager David O’Leary.

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