Astrology Overview for WC 19th July 2021

The Sun returns to its home zone of Leo, joining with Mars. So a time to spark the warmth and radiance he can support us with across all we do. Venus gets practical in Virgo , and the Full Moon links well with Jupiter . Indeed Jupiter brings elevation and lift to Venus too, so […]

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Astrology Overview for WC 12th July 2021

Mercury finds its way in the water sign of Cancer from the start of the week, and through to Wednesday links really positively to Jupiter , the planet of expansion. Ideas can flow well with this, and creativity can be high, especially with the Sun ny combination of Venus and Mars freer this week. Mind, […]

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Aquarius Full Moon July 23rd/24th 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts


Astrology Overview for WC 5th July 2021

Remember this? Mercury square Neptune? Well it happened in May too, but is repeated now due to the Retrograde. All this week communications can be hazy, or even lazy, but Venus and Mars in Leo are the star turn, sparkling as they do more closely together from Thursday in Leo. Saturday’s New Moon in Cancer […]

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Cancer New Moon July 10th 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

The Cancer New Moon itself is enlivened by the fresh and quick moving energy of Uranus. Any new way to reconfigure our home, family or emotional needs can work well. But ironically Uranus also clashes with Venus and Mars, so not all of us will want or be able to go with the flow, so […]

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Welcome to July, a month dominated by a shimmering alliance between the sultry Venus and the strident Mars for the first three weeks in charismatic Leo, before they meet again in the precise Virgo. But with Mercury and Neptune causing mischief early on in the month, and the year’s most dominant planetary clash between Saturn […]

Astrology Overview for WC 28th June 2021

The potent position of Mars in Leo, forges a testing T Square with Saturn and Uranus . Frustration can be high even boil over, especially if we try to force the pace, with the Sun and Saturn at odds too. Patience really can be a virtue this week. Venus also in Leo, and edging closer […]