Astrology Overview for WC 23rd May 2022

Mercury reverses into Taurus on Monday, asking us to micro manage all financial transactions. Some schemes may need to be rethought to be more practical. Mars arrival in Aries on Tuesday, is though exciting and as he joins with Jupiter, which turn angles positively to the Sun , there is much to go for. Solid […]

Astrology Overview for WC 16th May 2022

The Total Lunar Eclipse of Monday, can trigger even more of a reset in our financial systems, over the next 6 months. Yet, for some this could be a week of breakthroughs in the material sphere. Why the contrast? Well, the Sun , Mars and Pluto are all beautifully aligned, despite Saturn’s more restrictive energies. […]

Gemini New Moon May 30th 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Sign Forecast

Date and Times London 30th May 12.30pm New York 30th May 7.30am Los Angeles 30th May 4.30am Sydney 30th May 9.30pm New Delhi 30th May 5.0pm Aspects Asc 9 Degrees Virgo Conjunct POF, Trine Venus Taurus MH 2 Degrees Sun/Moon Gemini, Sextile Mars/Jupiter Aries Mercury Taurus Trine Pluto Capricorn Mercury Taurus Sextile Neptune Pisces Neptune […]

Your Year Ahead Lucky Jupiter Fortune Forecast ♃ from May 2022 to May 2023󠁼 + Zodiac Forecasts

Jupiter Aries arrived 12.23am BST 11th May 2022 **29th June New Moon Cancer Square Jupiter** Jupiter Retrograde Aries 9.38pm BST 28th July 2022 Jupiter Retrograde into Pisces 5.10am GMT 28th October 2022 Jupiter Direct Pisces 11.03pm GMT 23rd November 2022 Jupiter Aries II arrives 2.34pm GMT 20th December 2022 Jupiter Enters Taurus 6.20pm BST on […]

Monthly Horoscopes June 2022

Gathering information, linking with kindred spirits and expanding our horizons, can play a big part in moving us forward. With the Sun in Gemini and Mercury turning direct from the 1st, we’ll find it easier to navigate through life and make progress. Homely matters come into focus from week three, so we’ll benefit from time […]

Astrology Overview for WC 9th May 2022

Jupiter arrives in Aries, for the first of two stays this year – a perfect prompt to initiate new plans. However, with Mercury in Retrograde from Tuesday, we can also reconfigure, or reset on-going strands too. However, Saturn ‘s tense square to the Sun later in the week, suggests we need to be clear sighted […]

Astrology Overview for WC 2nd May 2022

Venus arrives in Aries, just as the week begins. Technically “debilitated” in this sign, in truth it can give us a spark of extra passion and its link to Mercury can see some flirty messages flying back and forth. Still, with the Sun in Taurus close to Uranus and both angling to Mars, change really […]

Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse – 15th/16th May 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Forecasts


Astrology Overview for WC 25th April 2022

The Sun in Taurus forges a powerful link to Mars which impacts the Black Moon Solar Eclipse of Saturday. This suggests the next six months will be a significant period for financial affairs, for us all. However, with the planets of “fortune” Venus and Jupiter connecting from midweek, for some, past hard work can finally […]

Astrology Overview for WC 18th April 2022

This can be quite a karmic week. Where we have worked hard, perhaps in terms of our jobs, but just as much around our relationships, rewards and breakthroughs are possible. However, equally, the converse can be true. How so? Well, where our activities have been less positive, these actions can surface and come to the […]