An insight into March…

March is the third calendar month but for the Ancient Romans it was the first month of the year. March was named after the Roman god of war – Mars. It may seem odd to name a month after a war god, yet, for the Romans this was the start of the military campaigning season.

The Finnish have a more peaceful approach to naming this month; their name for March is Maaliskuu which means the earthly month as this is the first month when the earth becomes visible under the snow.

As the winter chill eased in the UK young children enjoyed playing marbles or skipping but this had to stop at noon on Good Friday, thus in some places this was known as marble or long rope day.

Easter often falls in March, however it is considered unlucky for the nation if Easter occurs on Lady Day (March 25th).

If you are eager to forecast the weather remember that if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb and that the amount of rain we get in March will be echoed in June.

Let’s hope March is windy but dry – just hold on to your hat.

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