Astrological Week beginning 21st February…

Well, some weeks pass by without too much incident, this won’t be one of them.

The Sun has newly settled in Pisces, but is joined on Tuesday by Mercury, and on Wednesday by Mars. Clearly this is going to put a very different slant on things, then when this group of planets were gathered in Aquarius.

Sadly, reports today suggest that things are very dark in Libya, particularly, the loss of life is awful, and we can see the Aquarian rebelliousness of all this, with the temperature ramped up by the Leo Full Moon of last Friday, opposing Mars, in particular.

So how will the Pisces influence pan out? Well obviously one of the unintended consequences of challenging or overthrowing totalitarian regimes, is that the following “democracy” is not always the neat solution it sounds. Ask Christians in Iraq…

For with Algeria and Bahrain in particular, these have been relatively relaxed in terms of alcohol, in particular, so the secular side of these countries may find themselves on the back foot from religious fundamentalism. So in my view, the situation is going to remain very fluid. Expect lots of ebbs and flows in all of this for some time to come.

In your own life, this Pisces energy points towards, healing, caring and sensitivity. The debate over the structure of the health service in the UK will hot up, and about nursing in general.

The upside of this week’s planetary moves is the amazing link between the Sun and Pluto from Wednesday onwards, and this can be very transformational – especially if you are open to change in your life.

Good luck, Kind regards Patrick

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