Astrology Ancient Style

What do you have on your walls – a photo or two, a favourite work of art, or a nice set of astrology tables? Well one householder in 9th Century Guatemala seems to have favoured the latter.

Astrology Ancient Style

Recently, Archaeologists have discovered a 9th Century Mayan house with astronomical or astrology tables inscribed on the walls. The tables suggest that the Mesoamerican civilisation had advanced astronomy for over 1000 years, and that the information was widely available in Mayan society.

The Maya is a Mesoamerican civilization, who had the only known fully-developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas, as well as for its art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems.  The Mayan had a kind of golden age known to modern archaeologists as The Classic period (c. AD 250–900) during these Centuries there were millions of Maya and they moved into towns and cities, which became independent city states with grand formal buildings such as; Tikal, Palenque, Copán and Calakmul, and it was during this time that the tables were made.

The new discovery tells us much more about the Mayans than we previously knew. Whilst it was known that the Mayans had a fine knowledge of astronomy and actively used Astrology there was no evidence that this went back any further than the 11th or 12th century, not least because Mayan books were made of  plaster the new inscription shows the Maya were astronomically aware centuries before then.

Mayan Astrology

In 2010 William Saturno of Boston University in Massachusetts was excavating ruins at Xultún when he noticed the looted remains of house with a mural on one wall, Saturno decided to excavate the building further.

The walls of the house were covered with pictures of Mayans but in the gaps between the images were examples of Mayan writing. The first  grouping of  the glyphs described the Lunar cycle, this was important to Mayan Astrology as they believed their were six gods each of whom ruled part of the cycle. If they knew which God had power over the Moon at any time they could plan their actions accordingly. Time was very important to The Maya who believed it was cyclic.

“The Maya conceived of time as a series of cycles that all interplay and all repeat,” Saturno said…

By understanding these patterns, including astronomical cycles, they decided the most auspicious dates for events. The second set of glyphs has the archaeologists scratching their heads, Saturno argues it could relate the fact the Mayans had two calendars one was a ritual calendar of 260 days the other was solar and had 365 days every 18,980 days the calendars would share the same date. All the numbers in the second set are multiples of 18,980, suggesting they are anniversaries. They are also multiples of other astronomical cycles but Saturno doesn’t know what they represent.

As to who lived in the house and would have used the strange inscriptions the answer is curious, although the house belonged to someone important they were not a member of the royal family which means that astronomical and astrology information was far more widely available in Mayan society than one might expect. Whilst the Mayan civilisation is no longer existent the descendants of the Maya can still be found in the area and it is possible that descendant of the person who made or used the glyphs is strolling around Guatemala today.

Now of course the Mayans also predicted, so it is said, the end of the world in 2012  but this new information suggests that this is NOT SO, and the world will keep going for another 7,000 years.

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