Astrology Overview for WC 12th October 2020

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 12th September 2020. We all need on to our collective celestial hats this week as incredibly tense skyscape shapes up. The Sun continues his journey through the sign of balance, Libra, and encourages us to find equilibrium. But this may prove to be in short supply as a major Cardinal T Square between the Sun, the rewinding Mars in Aries and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn can lead to some very powerful events here on Earth. We have three competing energies, that of continuity, power, executive management and traditionality (Saturn in Capricorn) the personal freedom, initiation, enterprise and action of (Mars in Aries) and the need to work inclusively in a unilateral way (the Sun in Libra).

Cardinality is power, it likes to assert its authority and because all three signs have this Quality this creates a kind of “who will blink first” dynamic but can have some very real reverberations. In truth the stand off really starting to shape up when Mars first squared Jupiter (also in Capricorn) at the end of July, it ratcheted up from the 9th September when Mars started to Retrograde, so much of what we see this week, especially in terms of Covid, the economic ramifications and civil unrest was hatched from then. Mercury also moves from its shadow period into actual Retrograde on Wednesday in Scorpio, and will rewind further still and faces the disruptive Uranus in a tense way through to the 22nd of October (by a three degree orb or gap).

This brings an extra dimension to create misunderstandings, uncertainty, polarised views, and conflict. Still, from Monday to Thursday, Venus sparkles in a lovely Trine with Uranus and something unexpected around a relationship or business idea, can provide some uplift. Thursday does see the Libra Full Moon embracing the energies of the T Square, so the collective force of this will penetrate deep into November. The hope that can come from this, is that the more moderate energies of Libra can bring a calm to the the other charged and volatile forces at play. Now then, where’s your hat?


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Post Author: Patrick Arundell