Astrology Overview for WC 14th September 2020

Saturn of course, has been much in the celestial news all year, especially in that punishing Stellium conjunction on the 12th of January in Capricorn , and the opposition to the Cancer Lunar Eclipse of the 10th January, which has defined much of this year.

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Since the 11th of May he has been in Retrograde and from the end of July, in a square with Mars, itself now retreating, within an orb of 3 degrees. So I think we have got a real taste of the restrictive but also destructive power of Saturn in its alliance with Pluto , right through 2020.

But wait, this week we see from Monday, a much more constructive Saturn relationship, this time with the Sun , and it doesn’t get any better than that. Think of all the things that have been stripped away in our lives, all the fluff that we thought was important but probably wasn’t and what we are left with now. True, frustration, pain, limitation and loss has been part of our human experience, and no-one would willingly choose these, but from the remains we will see this week what is truly worthwhile, what we can work with, and what we can turn to our advantage. So anything that has decent foundations can be built upon, and a new structure can be erected. This can’t be rushed, for Mars and Saturn squabble through to early October, but if we are truly methodical, and thorough now possibilities can come thru.

For some people, these may not be so much as new, as much as a long standing plan that has been adhered to with dedication coming to fruition, like the fruit growing on a tree. So Thursday’s New Moon is a wonderful opportunity, over the next month, to really push forwards on this workable strand and harvest the fruit.

In terms of relationships, Venus does Square Uranus from Monday to Friday. Change things up in terms of personal routines can help to revive an existing tie, or for lucky singletons, someone can enter your orbit rather suddenly and excitingly. But if a relationship has been too routine and lost its sparkle, this could be a time of tension, especially if either person is unprepared to update their approach, attitudes or habits.

Mercury squares with Pluto later in the week, and at work (or elsewhere) we could encounter a rather belligerent individual, who is reluctant to listen to a fair’s fair approach or adopt a bombastic attitude. As ever we need to stand firm but also be conscious of our own attitudes. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell