Astrology Overview for WC 15th July 2019

The BIG, BIG, BIG event this week is of course the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday at 22.36 BST. This also embraces the powerful and potent vibration of Pluto, which is opposite the Sun (by a three degree orb) until Wednesday.

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So, what’s the story, morning glory? Well, it can be a crunch point in our lives but especially where we need to action things. The intuitive energies of the Sun in Cancer, and are opposed by the restrictive, disciplinarian vibe of Capricorn. Some kind of crisis may occur, which drives very strong emotions into the open. Any secrets or subconscious energies may erupt to the surface, especially those driven by extreme emotions.

Expect to feel a lot more sensitive, and especially around issues of power. So if there is someone who wields unreasonable power in our situations, this could be the time when we make a stand. The problem is that Capricorn represents the material, Cancer our need for security. So a classic situation would be a job we need but a boss we despise. If there are unresolved politics, they can reach fever pitch.

Interestingly, the second half of this week sees Venus go into an opposition with Pluto. Once more the issue is power. But in this case it may be the power of attraction. Someone could enter our orbit who can absolutely dazzle us, and it can be a mesmeric connection. This raw sexual attraction can be very exciting, but is the true motivation any deeper than lust?

Or might it be with Pluto in Capricorn we can be attracted to someone who is well off, and has material standing? If a job is offered the terms may prove onerous, but then again someone can dangle some kind financial carrot which seems only too good, and it might be. In an existing tie, jealousy, control, possessiveness or seductiveness are all possible, but be mindful of people’s motivations, your own included, and consequences.

Friday sees Mercury return in its retrograde to Cancer, but this will end on the 29th of July. Keeping things clear in our thinking around home life, family or emotional strands is essential.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell