Astrology Overview for WC 16th November 2020

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 16th November 2020. This week begins with the majesty and power of last Sun day’s Scorpio New Moon continuing to cascade its powerful energy into our situations. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and with Pluto, its modern ruler being positively aspected by it, changes coming now can be good ones, even if amongst the chaos of Covid 19, it is not immediately apparent.

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And in fact, for the first three days this week, the Sun continues that helpful angle with Pluto, and also Jupiter and the asteroid Pallas. Expect more understanding to emerge in the next month around the reality of our situations. Systems and technology are all very well but they need to be meaningful, and create a depth of truly helpful knowledge rather than just a mass of data. So the drive to get a real deeper understanding of all sorts of strands will emerge. Expect lots of important breakthroughs in the weeks ahead.

However, in the first half of the week Venus is also square Pluto. This is one of those aspects which can provide some enticing energies. A financial or even relationship situation can seem seem very attractive. If you come into contact with someone who seems to promise the earth, proceed with caution. As much as there can be something of promise here, there could also be a catch. We also need to be aware of our own motives in a situation like this.

Mercury is also opposite Uranus in the first half of the week, this can create sudden, electric communications but also changes of plan, and a disruptive element. Someone may surprise us by being very direct, or wanting to create space.

Still, two big changes come about at the end of the week, as the Sun powers into Sagittarius and Venus dives deep into Scorpio. All sorts of situations will benefit from a greater truthfulness. Attractions to people at a distance, or financial matters involving overseas interests are also possible.

With a stunning Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th December, a more open, and engaging way of being and living is ushered in, and one we can all look forward to. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell