Astrology Overview for WC 17th June 2019

The week begins on Monday with a Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius, and more potently perhaps, it is conjunct the ruling planet of Sagittarius, the retrograde Jupiter. Jupiter is about growth, and of course traditionally good fortune, but Sagittarius energy is about enthusiasm, and crucially judgement. So the Full Moon sees the Moon in opposition to the Sun in Gemini, which is do with quick, rapid communications, and now the Full Moon asks us, as our emotions come to the surface to keep a sense of perspective and reality in our, you’ve guessed it, judgements. But this Full Moon is also squared by another planet, Neptune, and this combination can create a heightened degree of unreality. We must be careful to check that whatever it is that we invest our emotional energies or opinions in (because Sagittarius can like to articulate these) really is worth any dramas that we might create. Also we need to ask ourselves, is our assesement of situations quite as logical and factually based as we might be convincing ourselves that it is.

Neptune is also influential in a better way forging as she does a fine angle to the North Node and also Saturn . This is a combination which encourages us to embrace more healing parts of natures or our appreciation of the arts. But Neptune also goes into a retrograde on Friday which will last until November 26th, and because she is transiting the sign she rules in Pisces , this can bring an otherworldly vibration to bear. On the upside this gives us an opportunity to access the dreamy, less tangible parts of life and ourselves, but will generally be less positive for more practical strands.

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Still, the summer solstice on Friday at 4:54 PM BST, is a prequel for the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer on Saturday. With Mercury and Mars already in this zodiac sign along with the North Node, there is a gravitational pull quite literally towards the more feeling sides of our lives. Cancer is also a Water sign, so anything to do with the oceans is going to come more sharply into focus. Of course there is an ongoing, growing consciousness about the damage to the environment, and news about desalination plants, electricity produced from weirs by rivers, and other ecological technological advances are likely to be publicized more during this time. What represents our security and serenity also comes more sharply into focus.

However Friday to Sunday sees an opposition between Venus and Jupiter. If this seems to ring a celestial bell, it’s because as recently as last week the Sun was in opposition with Jupiter. However the Venus Jupiter combination, is much more carefree, and can see us indulge our senses, or to enjoy sociable exchanges. As ever with Jupiter it is about proportionality, and it’s possible that we could be tempted to eat or drink to excess, or to burn the midnight oil, but in general this is a very pleasant aspect, perhaps not great for getting things done as we may feel less motivated, and equally we need to be sincere in all our communications, but on the whole we can gain something uplifting from this.

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