Astrology Overview for WC 18th January 2021

The Sun powers into Aquarius on Tuesday, bringing the planets in the sign to a total of four. This Stellium is in such marked contrast to this time last year when the clustering of energy was centred on Capricorn.

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Aquarius is the sign of humanity, but we don’t need to compromise our need to be an individual, but learn to cooperate better with one another. This week is going to be a staging post for us a time when a new reality does start to shape up.

Having said that, Mars and Uranus combine in Taurus and square all these Water Bearer positions. This will create frustration, resistance, boiling anger, and righteous indignation. Dramatic events can affect the world political stage, and also the Earth itself can literally shake itself.

Both signs, have the Quality of Fixed, which means that there is a preference for staying with what we know. So what is the deal breaker? Well, it is the controversial vibe of Uranus, which can disrupt, dislocate, resist, make sudden changes, strive for freedom at all costs, and that is being pitted against the ultra conservative energies of Saturn .

So much is being changed against our will just now, and perhaps the biggest thing of all is the liberty to move around at will. But the upside of this planetary alignment is that we are being pushed to be more conscious of our collective needs, and the needs of planet Earth. We just need to seize the moment and find better ways to connect with one another and to preserve nature.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell