Astrology Overview for WC 19th October 2020

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 19h October 2020. What a week is in store? A perfect storm of planetary energies can cause Covid to reach a new peak and frustration and also rule breaking are both likely to be high. The lack of clear strategy that has been a problem across many countries in dealing with the crisis is going to come to roost, as bellicose words are now going to be showed to be rather empty. With Mercury challenged all week not just by its Retrograde but the erratic and rebellious vibes of Uranus, communications can have a jagged edge for sure. Finding consensus can also prove difficult as so many people take a very polarised view of situations. Still as the Sun powers into Scorpio on Thursday and escapes the restrictive vibe of Saturn, we are given a wonderful opportunity to dig deep within ourselves and find solutions to our own response to the crisis. However the numbers of fatalities may increase in this next four weeks, before a more enlightened and joined up response emerges mid way though November.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell