Astrology Overview for WC 22nd February 2021

As we enter this new week, all sorts of niggles, delays and glitches can start to be resolved, with Mercury stationing direct. Still, this planet has still away to go out of shadow, which it achieves on the 13th March, so patience and precision will still be key. Two very powerful planetary links are though very enabling this week, with the Sun angling beneficially to Uranus and Mars to Pluto. The Sun’s sextile to Uranus can see things move unexpectedly forwards, but especially where we are bold and open to novel solutions. Even issues and strands that have been really stuck can suddenly pick up momentum. This is a classic angle of lateral thinking or to use it’s old more earthy description of thinking outside the proverbial box.

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Mars and Pluto in a 120 degree angle is Determination Central. Think of a goal, probably a more material goal or ambition, and if your objective is really clear, the helpful combination of the two rulers of Scorpio gives us tremendous resilience, willpower and wherewithal to take the action to make that come to fruition. Whenever Mars and Pluto are involved we need to be mindful of our approach, and any kind of ruthless or underhand tactics could create a big reaction and resistance. And this is something we should bear in mind around relationships. Why? Well, Mars forges a less helpful square to Venus , running on from last week. This can see it more difficult to balance the drive, desire and assertion of interactions with the nurture, tolerance and gentleness of Venus. That said this aspect can spark greater physical attraction and intimacy. With Venus more detached in Aquarius, a more cerebral vibe battles with the earthy and need to have it, and have it now energy of Mars in Taurus, which is especially sensual. Not a good time to overly spoil a loved one with gifts and generosity, so if you are getting to know someone new, best not to try too hard.

However, then on Friday, Venus glides into Pisces, where she is particularly beguiling and joins with the potency of the Sun, and the co-regent of Pisces, Neptune . With Mercury arriving mid March the energies of vibration of this sign of contemplation, peace, and healing is certainly raised. Saturday’s Full Moon occurs in the sharp eyed energies of Virgo, angling well to Uranus, but less helpfully to the strict and potentially restrictive energies of Saturn, in a 150 Quincunx. As ever with the Virgo Full Moon there is a chance to cleanse, to heal and restore, but to achieve this we need to have a perfect balance of Mind, Body and Soul and the detachment that Saturn brings in Aquarius may be rather cooling. Still, as ever with a Full Moon issues can come to the surface which require better alignment or rebalancing. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell