Astrology Overview for WC 22nd June 2020

The potency of the Cancer Solar Eclipse pours its energy into this new week, and for the six months to come. In fact the first two days of this week continues to see the Sun in a 150 degree angle with Saturn, the planet of structure but also limitation. This combination makes it tricky to unify the Sun’s need to nurture and protect, with Saturn’s impact on universal attitudes and behaviours. Freedom comes with responsibility, and this can show itself with some showing compliance and others showing disregard, for the welfare of others.

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Venus, does though end her Retrograde, one which began on the 13th May. If relationships have seemed laboured or even strained since then, that is a clue. Of course with Mars clashing with the Sun since May 24th, plenty of hidden tensions have burst into the open, that have been bottled up. Venus won’t come out of shadow from her Retrograde until late in July, so it is important for us all to try to be as sincere as possible in how we interact with others.

That said Mercury continues its Retrograde with all the attendant difficulties that this can rack up. Anything to do with property transactions or matters need great care and attention to detail. Communications within the family circle can also require more attention, but there is the potential to use the RX to resolve things too.

With Neptune going into Retrograde through to late November, our more spiritual dimension is asked some questions too. Looking deep inside can provide great clues, but meditation, prayer, and quite reflection can all be very helpful.

Mars bursts into Aries as the week draws to a close where he will be through to the 6th January 2021. Why so long? Of course he usually passes through each sign for 6 weeks, rather than 6 months. Well, it’s down to a ten week retrograde which begins on the 9th September. But from this get go, Mars brings a greater sense of urgency and speed to our actions and thoughts, despite creating some challenges in the months ahead.

Finally, on Sunday there is a Libra Quarter Moon, clashing with the Sun in Cancer. Someone close to us can seem out of sorts, but it will be important to maintain our boundaries if we do not want to get sucked into a situation that someone is not owning for themselves. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes

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