Astrology Overview for WC 24th August 2020

The planetary slogathon which sees Mars and Saturn in conflict, continues. This broadly goes on until Mid October and can be really quite inhibiting. Mars in Aries is about action. Saturn in Capricorn about the status quo. So as much as we push to change the status quo it can just create friction and inhibition. So the more we narrow our focus, and lower our expectations, but increase our determination, the more we will eventually win thru. But if we let it, the frustration can almost envelope us.

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Still, Venus brings a potentially delightful vibe to bear this week, linking in a charismatic angle to Uranus on Monday and Tuesday, and pushing to be open minded, and open to sudden or last minute connections or invites. She also joins in with the ongoing and beautiful Jupiter and Neptune angle, and this can be fabulous for those lucky enough to be tripping the light fantastic with someone new and rather gorgeous.

However, the second half of the week is more challenging seeing Venus in opposition to Pluto, so whatever it is we are offered, be it material goodies, lovely food, a new job, extra money or a sensual assignation one thing’s for sure, we need to be aware of what the motives are for all those involved. Some kind of catch could be disguised amongst and apparently wonderful exterior. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell