Astrology Overview for WC 25th January 2021

All week the Sun combines with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, hope, philosophy, higher values, travel, international affairs, and perhaps crucially of luck.

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This is one of the most reinforcing and positive of planetary combinations, and perhaps a glimpse of hope, to an otherwise bleak outlook. This is even more the case because Aquarius is the sign of cooperation, collaboration, networking and friendship. And the role of our friends, close alliances and allegiances comes sharply into focus on the back of Thursday’s Leo Full Moon.

If something is out of kilter between our needs as individuals and the needs of the group or wider community it will be highlighted. But this is a Full Moon amped up in intensity by its tense square with Mars, the warrior planet, which is the sign of Taurus, so it’s aims here are more earthy, material and consumer lead. Thus we can find ourselves moving away from a 1 to 1 tie or friendship where others no longer share our values or have a different vision for the future.

Mercury , of course, continues to be in Shadow, ready to begin its Retrograde, the first of three in Air signs in 2021 on Saturday. So working hard at keeping the lines of communication open is crucial. Ironically, Mercury is in a subtle but powerful relationship with deep Pluto all week, and behind the scenes discussions, soundings and planning can prove helpful.

Monday to Wednesday also sees the combination of Saturn and the Sun. This can be a time of breakthrough for some people with critical personal planets linked to this position, or it can a time of limitation. If your energy is lower at this time it may be that the Saturn energy is more dominant to other placements of your personal situation. Then again the duo of Mars and Uranus in Taurus can be creating friction, or a sense of push back against any situation which is too limiting.
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Post Author: Patrick Arundell