Astrology Overview for WC 28th October 2019

This week begins with a sparkling New Moon in Scorpio. This gives us all an opportunity to think about the things we need to change and transform in our lives. But there is added spice to the mix because of Uranus opposition to the New Moon. This can create unpredictability but equally push us to be more daring, especially where situations have become rather humdrum and too routine. In love, one partner could desire more excitement or shared energies can be more volatile.

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With Mercury also rewinding from Thursday in Scorpio, through to November 19th careful monitoring and scrutiny of financial documents, contracts, business deals etc will be important. Shared finances could cause confusion or misunderstandings. We all need to work at being as clear as possible.

The second half of the week ramps up the Scorpionic energies as the two rulers of this sign go into a square. Forcing the pace around any issue will be counter productive. Stand firm against anyone overbearing or who looks to take short cuts. Industrial or employee relationships can be antagonised by this influence. It is also said to be an aspect where we should avoid known, less lawful places or practices.

Saturday sees Venus however move from Scorpio into Sagittarius bringing a lighter vibe to bear. This can also push us to look for the truth in situations and relationships. Connections with people overseas or from different backgrounds can feature too.

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