Astrology Overview for WC 28th September 2015

The week begins with the potent Lunar Eclipse in Aries . Essentially this asks us to use our resources to think about our relating approach. And this is especially meaningful to us in a broader sense, as this Lunar Eclipse ties into the solar Eclipse which occurred on 13th September. So for the next six months, we do need to work at integrating our desire to be individuals, with the need to be conscious of our duty to others, and blends our ideas with some kind of structure which can be purposeful and long-lasting.

Furthermore two influences run on from last week; the first is the square between Mars and Saturn, this can create an awful lot of frustrating limitations, head scratching, pent-up anger, and even some full-scale need to release our emotions. The problem is that once Mars does overpower the limitations that Saturn can imposes on him, it really can be a case of the top coming off the keg of gunpowder. To prevent this happening. The trick is to focus our energies on a very name narrow range of activities. And this is particularly true with the other influences runs over from last week, which is the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune . As I said before, this can have the potential to distort reality. This aspect can have its upsides, but along with Mars and Saturn, there is the potential for people to become rather exhausted rather more easily or at the very least flustered – if things don’t go to plan. However, by mid-week both of these energies are starting to dissipate, and the thing we can gain from Jupiter this week is its incredibly potent angle to Pluto, which provides a backdrop of energy for the whole seven days. This is really transformation central, and if there is something exciting that is really engaging you this can be an opportunity to really go with it.

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The Sun also is joined by Mercury from Tuesday through to Friday. Both of course are in Libra, and this is occurring because as the Sun steps forwards Mercury continues to retrace its steps. When people have a conjunction between these in their Natal horoscopes it often gives them incredible ingenuity and sometimes a spark of pure genius. We can try to ”rebalance” parts of our lives that have been out of kilter an one obvious area, because of the relating dynamic of Libra, is around relationships. However, equally, they can be a tendency when these two planets are “combust” to jump to conclusions, to make snap decisions, and that is something we need to avoid.

In facts, talking of confusion, the last two days of this week offer the potential for quite a bit, for Mars moves into an opposition with Neptune. This is the trickster planetary influence, bar none. If you’re meeting someone for the first time at the end of this week, or discussing buying and selling an important valuable item or possession, you really need to proceed cautiously. The ramifications of this is increased by the Sun beginning to square with Pluto. This is something of an echo of Mercury’s square with Pluto through the middle two weeks of last month and forceful, wilful behaviours which run roughshod over a sense of fair play, should be avoided or stood up to.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell