Astrology Overview for WC 28th September 2020

‘Tis one might week, astrologically, with both Saturn and Pluto ending long retrogrades, which began on the 11th May and 25th April, respectively. However, the big beasts of the outer zodical jungle, continue to be in conflict with the Reversing Mars , and sparks can therefore still fly or pent up frustrations can be an issue. Nothing new there then, eh as Mars and Saturn have battled it out since the end of July.

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This week also sees the Sun in Libra in a 150 Quincunx angle with Uranus , the planet of freedom. Anything linked to shared finance or shared values will also need care. It may not be a clash as such more being at cross purposes.

With the Full Moon of Thursday in Aries, being conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. This emphasises the concept of identity. How intact is yours? How intact is mine? Well, we are all going to be asking ourselves this in the following two weeks because with the Sun in the sign of relating, Libra, where we don’t feel whole, in other words in any close tie where we feel judged, or under valued or do not feel validated, a time of reckoning is reached. With Chiron on the Moon in a Natal Chart people often give freely, but rarely get it back so this is an opportunity to realign any imbalances.

But wait, Venus, the planet of love, moves into Virgo on Saturday and this gives us all an opportunity to think about where we make sacrifices, but particularly about love, in greater detail. Then again, with the in Shadow Mercury in opposition to Uranus all week sparks of attraction or irritation are possible, just which is what makes Uranus, and Astrology so compelling and exciting. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell