Astrology Overview for WC 2nd May 2016

The week begins with Jupiter and Neptune continuing their opposition and T-Square with the reversing Saturn in Sagittarius . This without doubt can be an enervating connection, one that can see great hopes clash with the realities of life. What we can do, is develop realistic expectations, and with these balanced, good things are possible.

In fact, Jupiter is highly influential this week, as it also forges an Earth Grand Trine with the Sun and Pluto. This suggests the things that we have worked hard at and been really applied to can start to show signs of becoming more established. This can be a very fortunate aspect, but especially where things show tangible progress, can be lasting, and have really enduring benefits. Some kind of material goodness can therefore come from this week, but battling as it does with the T-square, it is urging us to keep our feet on the ground and to try not to be distracted by life’s fripperies.

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The great news also is that this is Jupiter’s last week of retrograde this year, and by next Monday he will be starting his forward journey, in the sign of Virgo , which will go on until the 9th of September.

Post Author: Patrick Arundell