Astrology Overview for WC 30th November 2020

This week kicks off with a mighty Lunar Eclipse in Gemini . How we think, express ourselves, reach out and connect with others, all comes under the astral spot light. This is a wonderful opportunity to reset our intentions when it comes to our value systems and also our relationships with siblings, neighbours and contacts.

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The Sun on the other side of the heavens is though in a tense 150 angle to Uranus, and then from Tuesday as Mercury arrives to join him in the sign of Sagittarius. Here Mercury is in Detriment, but I think this one of the milder afflictions, we are just cautioned to keep our feet on the ground and not get too carried away with our enthusiasms. So first the Sun, then Mercury are in Quincunx with Uranus which will need some care. Perhaps the welter of restrictions that have been imposed can be more difficult to tolerate. The rebellious nature of Uranus, blended with the Sun and Mercury in the freedom loving Archer, may see some reckless attitudes by some.

However, the Lunar Eclipse gives us a wonderful opportunity to blend our thinking and expressions more closely to our deeper feelings or higher principles and philosophies.

Venus also forges a wonderful 120 degree angle to Neptune in the second half of the week asking us to seek higher love, purity and deeper connections. If you meet someone new, or experience a person with a message of real hope and joy it can be very uplifting indeed.

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