Astrology Overview for WC 3rd May 2021

Who we choose to be friends with this week might not come down totally to money, but it could come down to a developing chasm in values. Yep, even someone we have liked for a long time can seem to get under our skin if they are developing different ideas about what is important. Then again perhaps someone rather too idealistic could get under your skin.

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Still, with Venus forging a delightful link to first Neptune then Pluto, those who really matter can come through strongly, and with Mercury zipping into one of its two home zones of Gemini, the pace of life can start to speed up. This will be augmented on Sunday by Venus itself, heralding the early soundings of Gemini Season which will become more obvious by the 20th June.

The Sun and Uranus are however sparkling brightly together and if ever there was a time to replace restlessness, nervousness and restriction, that’s well thought through, this week is it. In face Mars is going to lend a useful celestial hand in Cancer , pushing us to be more in touch with our emotions.

Sun does clash with the Moon on Monday, with a Quarter Lunation, and with Saturn all week, so one thing it will be important for us all to do is connect with those with values we can relate to. Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes or financial ventures with friends or groups unless, the terms and conditions for those taking part are crystal clear and compelling. Saturn can of course be about limitation, so if we do feel the urge to splash out one something rather luxurious, we’d best knowing that there is some kind of practical value, rather than something that can soon lose its sparkle.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell