Astrology Overview for WC 5th August 2019

This can be a week of real opportunity. Why? Well the Sun and Venus continue their delicious alliance but forge a fantastic and enbling trine to Jupiter.

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With Jupiter also ending its retrograde on Sunday which began at the end of April, the can be a shift, a quite perceptible change in the energy that we can capitalise upon.

Anything to do with expansion which has rather trodden water in recent months, can seem to pick up momentum. With Mercury also inching its way forwards again, and by the beginning of next week re-entering the sign of Leo, they can be a greater vibration of optimism and positivity.

However, do be aware that Mars in the sign of Leo is forging a more complex angle with Pluto . This just suggests that where we are wishing to be creative, the rewards and acknowledgement for this will need consistent effort, and won’t necessarily fall to us quite as swiftly as we want. We need to be careful not to force things too hard. Equally, we need to be sure we do not run roughshed over the rights and feelings of others. Unfortunately this aspect can see more aggressive or forceful tactics deployed, where a spirit of enterprise and cooperation would work better.

With a Quarter Moon on Wednesday also emphasising the sign of Scorpio , it could be some politics swirling around too, but generally we have a chance to take a more upbeat outgoing and more social view of our existence and activities. This really is a time to seize the moment.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell