Astrology Overview for WC 5th October 2020

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 5th October 2020. We start the week with Venus finding her feet in Virgo. As Venus governs Taurus, and is associated with the consumption of good food and wine, this transit encourages us to be a little more discriminating about what we consume. Also Venus governs relationships, and here doing our best to be supportive in practical ways, can be good. In a settled relationship a review of who does or contributes what on the domestic front can be timely. This week Venus also engages positively with Uranus, the planet of truth, discovery and restlessness. This combination asks us where we can add a spark of imagination and be more spontaneous be it around love or business or work strands.

This week also sees Mars at the centre of the action, still. It more acutely squares Pluto rather than Saturn but still the sense of restriction and frustration. Whatever we desire we need to ensure that we don’t take ruthless short cuts in order to snaffle the prize and in so doing, lose something much bigger.

Still, Mars does forge an amazing link to the North Node suggesting if we can a sense around a prevailing trend we may well be on to something and to therefore trust our hunches.

The Sun’s square to Jupiter is an under promise, over deliver kind of aspect but also can give us a bit more self belief around a personal or home based issue. With the Quarter Moon in Cancer on Saturday however, someone close to us can seem out of sorts or we may find ourselves caught in a mediator role between two people close to us.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell