Astrology Overview for WC 6th April 2020

Monday and Tuesday sees Venus still anchored by the stabilising energies of Saturn. With Saturn just inside the sign of Aquarius, this could point towards an interaction with someone who is more independently minded, who is older or younger, but whose intentions are positive. In fact Venus goes on to forge glorious link with Mars all of this week, and whilst social distancing is very much to the fore, it is going to be existing relationships which can benefit from this, or perhaps where we are chatting to someone new on line where we can enjoy that spark of attraction.

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But despite this potential for harmony, this week’s Full Moon being in the sign of Libra on Wednesday, Mars and Uranus clash in a very antagonistic way all through the week, and this can see issues which have been swept under the carpet erupting into the open, in a sudden and jagged way.

The Full Moon in Libra is very much about finding a balance around what’s good for us as individuals, and what works around our close interactions, so if one close time has been out of kilter this can be a good time to address this.

All this week Saturn also forges a Quincunx with the North Node. I think this is a perfect astrological metaphor for the social isolation we are encountering at this time, for the North Node is in the homely emotional Cancer, and Saturn in the sign of humanity, Aquarius.

But some relief is coming, and the arrival of Mercury in the sign of Aries on Saturday, gives us an opportunity to accelerate our response to Covid 19, and communications can become more urgent and direct in marshalling that response.

However it is true to say that on Friday and Saturday the Sun Squares with Jupiter and Pluto, and if there is any politics, especially bigger business or big government being less agile, it can lead to an outpouring of frustration, with the outspokenness of Uranus and its square with the forceful Mars, driving this. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell