Astrology Overview for WC 8th November 2021

The Sun in Scorpio forges an awesome angle to Neptune this week. This is an influence that primes our dreams, deep subconscious desires and creativity. It’s also perfect to embrace some kind of healing activity, be it enjoying a session with a Horoscope Friends Psychic, a spa day, or to treat ourselves to some natural healing, such as a deep tissue massage.

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But this is also a week when energy can be directed towards the material plane. With Mercury combining with Mars also in Scorpio, we may find ourselves direct and to the point about discussing a business idea or shared finances. With Uranus clashing with both however, we could be more impulsive.

However, any simmering tensions about these, or who does or contributes what in a love or business relationship, can come to the surface, and particularly if one partner has a different idea for future forward plans. Any desire to splash cash randomly can be encouraged by the Sun’s generous link to Jupiter, but checked by a tense Quarter Moon in Aquarius and the role of the planet of limitation, Saturn.

In fact, as the week comes to a close, strident Mars clashes with Saturn too, and this cautions us to slow everything down, and not be too hasty about expenditure or an on-going involvement. Ironically, for singleton’s, this week’s celestial energies could prime a sudden and electric connection to someone, perhaps even a friend, one who up until now, has not been a serious love candidate. Exciting yes! Long term? If there are common values, why not!

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell