Astrology Overview for WC 17th February 2020

As the week begins Mercury goes into retrograde in the sign of Pisces and this will last until 3rd March. As Mercury is already not at its best in this sign, we will all need to work hard achieving clarity around all forms of communication, and summon up as much precision as possible in terms of Mars halling documentation, paperwork, or around any contractual discussions.

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The Sun does however, power into the sign of Pisces on Wednesday at 4:57 AM GMT. Instinct is the key here and will continue to be so for the next four weeks. As long as we can make sure that we can carry out the tasks that we can influence, as well as possible, this can help to reduce the more negative impact of the Retrograde to some degree.

Mars forges a fantastic link to Uranus all through this week, asking us to be open to innovations, and breaking free of more set patterns. This doesn’t mean to say that we will be reckless, with a little bit of devilment and spontaneity can take us far.

In the second half of the week the Sun also forges this fabulous angle to Uranus, so if we can flex and find ways to be more freedom loving, it can be a very positive thing.

From Saturday through to the end of the week the Sun also forges a fabulous angle to Mars, ushering in the wonderful Pisces New Moon on Sunday. Mars also links in perfectly to this New Moon, and the planet of drive and passion can help is to combine earthy reality with the sensitivity and instincts of Pisces. Energy can be high, it’s essentially about focusing it in as constructive way as possible.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell