Astrology Overview for WC 27th August 2018

Some key influences run over from last week into this one. Venus and Mercury continue to sparkle charismatically, offering the chance for social interactions and pleasant exchanges, and perhaps also romantic possibilities. With Venus also continuing to square with Pluto, someone with a degree of gravitas or authority can seem particularly alluring.

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The potency of the Full Moon of last Sun day is also going to be resonating through the entirety of this one. Whilst practicalities are still very much to the fore, this encourages us not to go against our deepest sense of security or to ignore our 6th Senses.

Mind, it is the Sextile between Jupiter and Pluto which is most influential this week. This offers us a great chance to capitalise on changes in our life, but not ones we need to force. Pluto is of course about power,but also change and something may naturally fall into place now which can be very pleasing indeed. A stroke of fortune is possible too.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell