Astrology Overview March 2016

‘Two’s company, three’s a crowd!’ could be the slogan for month three of the year, as March sees two special Eclipses getting in the way of the Sun and Moon’s usual relationship. So in this case you could say after Valentine’s Day has past, the Sun and Moon are not seeing another, bringing change this month. While, to quote the song ‘2 become 1’, as last month also saw two galactic black holes get it together, literally causing waves. As the reaction to this union stirs things up this month causing further unpredictable weather conditions, from one kind of chilly to another, heating things up, meaning this March seems set to ‘spice up your life’!

So even though March maybe filled with the usual Easter bunnies and March hares, this month is more akin to the fabled tortoise and the hare. For as some race ahead this month, others flag behind. So finding an even pace is what is required this month or you could say, a steady March. However, with the month beginning with the Sun in wavering watery Pisces this may prove tricky, as it is not the Sign of the fishes swimming in differing directions for no reason. Although, as the month begins these little fishes seem a little enclosed in, but less by an aquarium than Aquarius, the Sign of the Water Carrier. As March commences with an Aquarian Mercury and Venus cornered by Mars in Scorpio, as matters spill over from the previous month, such as regarding computer errors, the ongoing issue with electrical appliance faults and aeroplane laser incidents.

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However, these little fishes soon swim away from these topics, as Mercury enters Pisces from the 5th along with Venus from the 12th, changing focus. Although, as adaptable as this Mutable Sign maybe, you could mistake these little fishes for salmon this month, as they struggle to swim upstream against strong undercurrents. These come in the form of an opposing Virgo North Node moving in usual backstroke fashion and Jupiter still in retrograde motion. So what seems apparent this month is before finding fresh waters, there are a few past, unconquered issues these fishes cannot wriggle off the hook from.

This no doubt still involving the health sector, especially in the UK, as the words, March, parades and Hunt together are less about Easter and more connected to conditions for junior Doctors this spring. As the government is aware of ‘what’s up doc?’, as their previous attempt to enforce resolution has met with more planned strikes. While, the 9th’s Pisces Eclipse and accompanying New Moon particularly highlights the plight of those physically handicapped, as well as those who are morally lacking. So expect the mistreatment and neglect of many at the hands of the powerful few to be illuminated by this month’s potent Eclipses, as well as Surgeons and oriental alternative medicine. Whilst, it is no coincidence that this month’s Eclipses reinforce last year’s message, falling in the same Signs or those opposing. For many of the same important matters continue to cause concern this year, having gone under the lens from both sides. However, on a sliding scale these need utmost attention now.

The migrant crisis remaining one of these pressing matters, as this month Mutable Planets form a tension fuelled t-square, as tea and sympathy cannot calm this humanitarian emergency, as inexcusable conditions are exposed and demands exceeding resources, as more people pour into the EU. This reaching mad-hatter level by the 20th, when you could say the Sun moves from fish to tank, exchanging passive Pisces for martial Aries, at a critical 0 degree followed by Mercury on the 22nd and a revealing Eclipse and Full Moon in opposing Libra on the 23rd. While the Moon’s Node underlines political and military activity. So leaders need to take clear action, as Aries Uranus still challenging Capricorn Pluto, means unexpected problems will escalate if leaders continually ignore and defer legal responsibilities, especially as the 25th sees Sagittarian Saturn retrograde on matters.

However, the positive outcome of this crisis is one of conscience, with the Piscean Eclipse and New Moon, instilling greater compassion. As along with the Sun and Neptune both in Pisces, this combination is highly adept at tuning into others. For the Sign of Pisces rules the feet and there is no Sign better, as the saying goes of ‘walking in another man’s shoes’. Even though this March, it maybe a case of less walking and more talking to resolve matters, especially with Saturn placing boundaries upon wandering Sagittarius. This strain increasing by the 6th, as Mars advances into Sagittarius, bringing two great Malefics together and forming harsh aspects to other Mutable Planets. So these Piscean fishes may feel more like ‘fish in a barrel’, being shot at from all angles and violent clashes are likely over foreign, moral and legal affairs.

While, this Mutable triangle may also cause something of a Bermuda one this month, as this Easter could see a ‘water-ship down’ or drowning with tempestuous weather conditions. As well as an inability to triangulate those disillusioned, as well as the spread of disease or contamination, making this March Hare more a ‘bugs bunny’, as the Moon’s Node emphasises Typhoid fever.

Meanwhile, ecliptic activity highlights China, the United Nations, L.A and advances at NASA and the New York Stock exchange. As well as, shocks for the White House, maybe as the race heats up, along with the UK and Egypt. Change in Afghanistan is also starred and Mexico, perhaps over the border issue, along with opposition in Iran as elections occur, Palestine, North Korea and Canada. Whilst, this month sees turmoil in Albania, France, Russia, Ukraine and Guatemala, as well as highlighting Scotland, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, the Czech republic, Germany, Greece and Portugal. Also, noticeable events occur in Ghana, Tibet, Bangladesh and Thailand.

So Easter brings a bit of dark to the Galaxy and Mars, but not from an Easter egg hunt, as the hunt this month is not so much for a milky way, but a new way!

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell