Astrology Overview May 2017

May is more of a ‘maze’ this month, as it feels as if we have entered one, after last month’s events amazed many. For who knows which way to proceed? This is especially with most avenues looking the same; there being no clear way ahead and some not knowing how to exit! This ultimately leaving many in a puzzle this May, as mercurial mind-games cause a few crosswords and word-searches this month, with Taurus adding plenty of ‘spot the bull’!

For in French newspapers, it is ‘two down, many cross’, as they are left with two extreme outsiders to put a cross against in the general Election this month. While, in the UK, it is not ‘10 down’, but 10 Downing Street leaving many clueless, as a game of ‘Snap’ election is called. So it might not be all fun and games this month, but parties and movements are spotlighted this May, particularly the political variety.
While angry Mars in Gemini all month joined by the Sun from the 21st and a New Moon on the 25th highlights game-playing and contradictions in fortune this May, the Moon especially linked to activities in Mexico and NASA also. As a challenging retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and Piscean Neptune seek to establish the higher truth, re-questioning previous statements. As Party games are more ‘pass the buck’ than parcel. With ‘truth and dare’ being replaced with not daring to tell the truth and ‘ spin the bottle’ just the usual spin and bottling it!

Although, planetary configurations make it tricky to avoid your turn this month, as the sky’s line up forces others’ true motives to be identified, acting as not quite a lie but ‘sky detector’! For from the 4th retrograde everyday Mercury in ‘Action man’ Aries is no longer ‘a.w.o.l’, instead taking a direct order and joining up with Venus and Uranus on the frontline. However, this unit face combat from other Cardinal Planets, as righteous Jupiter in Libra and delving Pluto in Capricorn maintain their retrograde stance, meaning the ‘truth will out’, as they target past unresolved concerns. This reaching a standoff from mid May, with Jupiter and Uranus at critical degrees in need of a release, whether through weather storms and power-cuts to strikes and riots. As individuals feel boxed in, desiring to break free from formal conventions. So acts of violence and terrorism are possible, but also thinking outside th e ballot box, as in France ‘Le Pen’ maybe mightier than the sword, as the alternative option. While, this aspect, along with Saturn’s degree and Leo’s new North Node, could see the forming of new ruling parties in general, as well as a new EU arrangement, if France also takes a piece of the Jigsaw away.

So April brought us Easter egg trails and trailblazers, with Planets in spirited Aries. However, May begins with the Sun in bullish Taurus, leaving many blazing over the trail from actions initiated under the previous go-getting Sign. This meaning that as May advances, we are like ‘Hansel and Gretel’ picking up the crumbs, in an attempt to find our way! While, the sense grows that the UK will be left only with the crumbs off the table in EU dealing, as the ‘The Hunger Games’ begin, with the adage that there will be ‘no free lunch’.

This is something the Taurus bull never likes to hear, as this creature of comfort always wants to know where their next meal is coming from, this Fixed Sign needing a set menu. So there could be a temper tantrum or two from the second Sign of the Zodiac this May. For if Aries is the baby stage, Taurus are ‘terrible twos’ and need routine. Subsequently, this month is much about early learning, especially regarding ruling States and political platforms, as many are in the pivotal stages of development or undergoing change. For Arian Planets bring the new ‘cycle’, but Taurus knows we are in a period still requiring ‘stabilisers’.

Hence on a positive note, there is no Sign more intent than Taurus on gaining all the facts and figures necessary in an attempt to secure the future. As this solid, down to earth Sign is concerned with dealing with practical issues, not quite using a crystal ball, but a crystallising bull to see us through the ‘crystal maze’ of matters this month. This is especially as several Planets still remain in retrograde motion as May commences, allowing us to remain at a standstill or go back the same way we came if not careful. So with the Sun in Taurus until the 20th and day to day Mercury from the 16th to the month’s finish, this Sign maybe the ‘bull of string needed to aid us through.

Therefore, personal finances will appear more prosperous with the Sun located in the Sign of Taurus. Although, by 10th May when a revealing Full Moon enters opposing Scorpio, comes the realisation of the game being played. For it seems a case of ‘noughts and crosses’, in regards to tax credits and help from the State, as what is given with one hand is crossed out by the other, leaving the vulnerable and disabled back at nought. This in particular aspects the UK’s Planets, as deceptions stir up anger especially over shared finances and having to pay taxes. While, across the pond, the White House too is impacted in a similar way, with this lunar activity illuminating Trump’s hidden agenda at odds with US core values, likely to erupt into further heated protests.

While, the Pope’s recent message denouncing violence is thwarted by this Scorpio Full Moon denoting violence, possible killing and a disregard for rules and standards. As Russia and Iran see turmoil, Canada faces financial hardships and France more outpourings of anger around Election time, as well as exposing secret activity in North Korea. Whereas, it seems China, Israel/Palestine and Hollywood bathe in the benefits of this Full Moon. Meanwhile, broadly this month, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, Cuba and Argentina look set for upheavals, with Jordan, Yemen, Paraguay, the Congo, Georgia, Tibet and Peru also starred. To a lesser extent, Chile, Nicaragua, Japan and Sierra Leone also are headlined. So the Mayflower embarked on a voyage of discovery and as May opens up, many feel they are in the same boat. Though, some feel lost at sea as others choose to jump ship, but to navigate a course through, just follow this month’s stars!

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell